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They are for openly documented RAW file formats because...
Jorge Burrueco del Río, CEO, writes:
We are the largest hispanic community photography in Internet. We support OpenRAW because we love Photography, and Photography represents freedom. We want to work with our photos now and forever and OperRAW is the right answer.
Oaktree Imaging
Oaktree Imaging
Daniel Neeley, Founder, writes:
Over the course of our industry's history longevity has become an expected element in capture and print. There is no reason why we should loose that with the advent of digital technology. This is particularly true since the lack of longevity of digital raw capture is artificially created through the use of the proprietary formats.
In addition to the issue of longevity is that of ownership. The very existence of proprietary raw formats removes some of that ownership from the person who created the work and gives it to the camera maker. This effectively can lead to the original artwork becoming obsolete simply because a manufacturer longer supports the raw format the image was created in. This is akin to throwing away a work of art simply because the tools used to create it are no longer available.
For these reasons and others that can't be fully elaborated here, an open raw format standard must be adopted by our industry.
RADION Imaginery Stock
RADION Imaginery Stock
Kamil Wencel, Founder, writes:
We here at RADION Imaginery support OpenRAW because having an open standard for RAW files is vital for Stockphoto-Agencies in order to archive original images. It has to be ensured that we can access all digitized and archived images throughout the next decades. From a strategic point of view, we cannot afford to accept the risk of storing proprietary RAW data because in future we may loose the chance to open them again - as it has happened before. Therefore we strongly suggest to everyone: Wise up, otherwise closed proprietary standards will wind us all up.
Benoît Marchal, Founder, writes:
In one word: archiving. Photography is memory. A photo remains valuable long after it has been taken. Photos are stored and enjoyed for many years. Photos can be printed and printed again throughout the ages. Manufacturers need to recognize that photos truly span a lifetime and deliver archival-quality formats, which means documented RAW file formats.
Sergio de la Torre - Weblog de Fotografía
Sergio de la Torre - Weblog de Fotografía
Sergio de la Torre, Site Owner, writes:
I support Open RAW because...Open standards is the base of a free market, similar to competitiveness. This results in greater efforts and a better software. The variety is important too, because the new ideas , ways to work and workflows, are always welcome. Maybe the most important point is to know the photos you have taken in the past will be used in the future. Open RAW solves all these problems with a open standard specification
EOS Digital
Photographer's Resource
EOS Digital Photographer's Resource
Daniel Kasaj, Editor, writes:
We support your movement for an open, unified, lossless digital photo format because we believe it would greatly simplify data exhange and also let raw processing software developers concentrate on whats important rather than wasting time on camera compatibility checks. - informational portal about raw files in greek language
Nikos K. Kantarakias, Site Owner, writes:
We want our photographs to persist and be useable in the future. That's why we store our film negatives or positives in a safe place to preserve the best quality. Like film negatives are our property and can be used in the future so must our digital negatives be. Raw format should be open for all.
Steve Broback, Founder, writes:
Open standards allow consumers choice and control over their creative efforts. We strongly encourage the camera manufacturers to embrace a standard that provides their customers with long-term and complete access to their images.
Schaffer Andras, Owner and Editor, writes:
In the past 5 years it become clear that camera companies are capable to produce great cameras but not so good on programming, creating UI and support their software. I believe that the standardization of RAW formats will help innovation and give the opportunity to third-party programmers and ISVs to make great RAW conversion software.
Alan Fong and Mario Filipas, Founders, writes:
As the founders of, Alan Fong and Mario Filipas, we provide a community for the Four Thirds photographer to share, learn, improve, critique and compete using images and dialog. Presently, the Four Thirds consortium is composed of Olympus, Kodak, Fuji, Matsushita, Sanyo and Sigma; all of whom participate in the standard.

We would like to see a universal RAW format adopted by all camera manufacturers and strongly encourage them to openly document their existing RAW formats. The ability to archive photos for generations to come is not only important to our community members today but also for the historians of tomorrow. Through open documentation and standardization, photographers will additionally benefit through the availability of better tools as a result of greater competition.

These are of course the two great flaws inherently built into even the best corporations - lack of concern for the welfare of future generations and the self-serving need to monopolize and hide information. It's now up to the people to rise up and demand what is right in the name of history and art.
Absolute Stock Photo
Absolute Stock Photo
Julie Landman, Owner, writes:
We represent over 80 photographers from around the world - digital photography is their livelihood. It saddens me to think that countless talented photographers will be forced out of the industry because they cannot afford to keep up with the technology. Standardization is simply the right thing to do.
Uwe Steinmueller, Founder, writes:
We now use many, many different raw file formats since over 5 years. We still believe that raw file processing will improve in the future.

Letting the raw converter designers work on the decryption of all existing raw file formats is such a waste of their talent! I want them to compete on image quality and workflow, not on hacking.

In the end an open documentation of all raw file formats would help us photographers to get better results from all our images.

Not sure why the manufacturers don't feel this is a good idea.
Bo Stahlbrandt and J. Ramon Palacios, Founders, writes:
We are strong supporters of open RAW standards.

Many photographers involved in this debate come from the film background and may remember the problems regarding proprietary issues raised by different manufacturers of film and chemistry.

The single binding force through these years has been our ability to use cameras, made by distinctly individual and highly competitive companies, to create history-making images, with at least a knowledge that once we had a "negative" - we had the ability to produce and reproduce the photographs that achieved a desired result.

The cameras were only the light-capturing devices that used different schemes and technologies to record the moment. Some were excellent (like the Nikons we prefer) and some were not. However, regardless of the camera manufacturer, we always had that standard of a workable negative to produce our efforts.

Proprietary RAW eliminates that opportunity to a large extent.

Photography as an art has not changed.

Photography as a profession has not changed.

However, photography has become a nightmare for those entering the digital age.

Camera manufacturers need to level that "playing field" and rely on the merits of their products, without resorting to digital proprietary schemes that force the consumer to rely on their brand.

Of course we at Nikonians are confident in the Nikon brand, but we also recognize that this is a matter of photography at large - not "photography with a certain camera."

Our support of open standards is a priority in matters that pertain to our community.

Wider dissemination of the art and science of photography, wider choices of better tools for the craft and ensuring the preservation of its recordings for the future are of our primary interest and concern.
Digital Photo Blog
Digital Photo Blog
Volker Gilbert, Founder, writes:
My name is Volker Gilbert, I'm a photographer in the Paris, France region and the webmaster and sole contributor of two digital photography related websites.Since the beginnings of digital capture I've been always involved in using the RAW format, first as the sole choice with digital backs, later as a guarantee for the best quality output possible. The short product cycles of digital cameras and the short live spans of the RAW formats that go with them lead to lots of concern and worries about the future. OpenRaw and their campaign to render digital RAW formats public will improve the likeliness to be read in the future. Cameras and their Manufacturers come and go but our RAW files should be useable in the future to preserve our memories !
Vicente García Pellicer, Administrator/Founder, writes:
The users of my community (Comunidad de usuarios de la Canon EOS 350D) want raw universal and open compatible with the programs that they already have.
extreme visual media
extreme visual media
Frank Werner, Founder, writes:
We at extreme visual media support the OpenRAW as we, as Digital Consultants and digital Workflow Trainers know, how confusing it can be to handle all the different types of RAW Formats, Converters and their different versions. If one is teaching the digital workflow, its unbelievable how many advantages OpenRaw would have. No waiting for software updates to RAW converters, in companies with several
photographers you can have one single software, and which RAW Converter will support my old trusty Canon D30 files in 10 years???
OpenRAW might be the best what can happen to us, after inventing Digital Photography.
Arkiv Inc.
Arkiv Inc.
Philip Lengden, President and Owner, writes:
Ar*kiv supports the OpenRAW initiative as part of our commitment to open standards across all sectors of the tech. industry. We feel that true long term storage can only be achieve if the technologies that support them are allowed to remain fluid over time. The decision by some manufactures to perpetuate the use of proprietary software/hardware only shortens the life-span of an already fragile medium.
DPGR (Digital Photography in Greece)
DPGR (Digital Photography in Greece)
Nikos K. Kantarakias, Global Moderator, writes:
Photography is an art.
Photographers produce artworks and own them. Digital RAW files are the direct equal to film negatives. Thus proprietary RAW violates in a way the ownership rights of photographers.

Digital Photography needs open standards to evolve. And OpenRAW is a great start.
Mariano Molinari, Founder, writes:
Molinaripixel, the spanish place to learn digital photography is a consulting company in Argentina specialized in teaching digital photography and support Open Raw for historical, legal, and commercial reasons.
Jeff Schewe, Editor in Chief, writes:
Long term preservation and conservation of digital photography must be the most crucial and respected principle. Proprietary and undocumented raw file formats puts digital photography and photographers at unacceptable risks and impose restrictions that far outweigh any commercial or proprietary interests of the camera companies. If the camera companies wish to compete, let them do so on a battleground that does not put the very industry in which they participate at risk or inhibit the freedom of the photographers that are their customers. To do so will subject them to the wrath and scorn of the industry. This applies equally to every camera company. In this issue, there are no bystanders.

The raw file must belong solely to the photographer with no lien or encumbrance attached in any manner, what so ever.
Carson Jones, Owner, writes:
Proprietary image formats and software will inevitably lead to a dead end - many of us in the industry have already seen this happen to several aged raw formats from various camera manufacturers. As the owner of your photographic equipment you should be allowed to choose the best way of handling 'your' images, both now and down the road - not the manufacturers.
Luminous Landscape
Luminous Landscape
Michael Reichmann, Founder, writes:
As a photographic educator and author I feel that it is vital that all barriers to open communication and information sharing be lifted.

Proprietary RAW formats prevent photographers from have unfettered access to their own creations. As such they are an impediment to us fulfilling our artistic and commercial needs.
Andy Goetze, Founder, writes:
The freedom of the single professionall photographer and the long term archiving of digital photography at all does not jar with proprietary and mostly undocumented raw file formats. We need an open specification and an open file format.
Rene Bakx, Founder and Owner, writes:, a dutch photocommunity supports the OpenRAW organisation because we believe that every photographer should have the rights to open his work with whatever application they choose to, instead of being forced to use the tools the producer of the equipment chooses for them. Closed formats will limit the creativity of people, and that's something that should never be desired by the manufacturers of photographic equipment. Creativism is what makes the photographic and thereby their world goes round and round.
Robert Hammar, Founder, writes:
We at the swedish community of Foto.iFokus support the OpenRaw. We belive that an open standard will benefit the user of RAW-files and the industry. A standardization will speed up the development of RAW-format wich will be to use for every photographer in the world.
Juergen Stumpe, Editor, writes:
Photography need all kinds of freedom. For this reason all of us have to support OpenRAW.
Mladen Sever, Site Owner, writes:
In times when business and profit are the main power of technical development only open standards can assure that users will be able to get full possibilities of their equipment in the future. And open file format in digital photography is the only way of securing our right to own and use our digital images.
Earthbound Light
Earthbound Light
Bob Johnson, Owner, writes:
In the early days of photography, every manufacturer used a proprietary mix of chemicals to develop their film. Somehow, we were able to standardize on a just a few openly documented processes without infringing on the creative freedom of Kodak and their peers. We need to achieve a similar open standardization for the digital darkroom. The hard work of digital photographers everywhere demands no less. As a photographer and photographic educator, I urge camera manufacturers to step up to this challenge and not lose sight of what is in their own customers' long term interests.
Michael Tapes, Owner and Executive Consultant for Pixmantec ApS, writes:
Having been deeply involved with the RAW format for the past several years, as photographer, RAW converter designer (YarcPlus) and product consultant/specialist (Capture One and RawShooter), I shudder to think of the 1000s of person/hours that have been wasted based on decoding data rather than developing feature/quality enhancements that would benefit photographers. I fully endorse all efforts to establish public domain specifications for all RAW camera formats. It is simply in the interests of all photographers.
Beaux Arts Photography
Beaux Arts Photography
Alain Briot, Founder, writes:
I want to have the same freedom of access to my raw photographs as I have to my film photographs.
Juergen Specht – Thu, 2006/03/16 – 6:24pm