About OpenRAW

OpenRAW is a Working Group of photographers and other people interested in advocating the open documentation of digital camera RAW files.


After Canon decided not to add support for their D30 DSLR in their latest release of their Digital Photo Professional software, and Nikon removed features of their own RAW converter Nikon Capture and added the encryption of features in Nikon's D2x digital camera RAW format (NEF), on March 10th, 2005 some members of the mailing list D1scussion D1scussion founded the OpenRAW mailing list to coordinate their efforts to motivate camera makers to openly document their individual RAW formats.

This web site was launched officially at April 25th, 2005 with the goal to gain public awareness of the RAW Problem and is the first result from the discussion list.

If you want to support us please join the OpenRAW mailing list, or spread the word by using our banner.


The OpenRAW Working Group is coordinated by Juergen Specht and can be reached using this Email Adress. Please mark your message as "PRIVATE" in the subject line, if you don't want to see it discussed among active OpenRAW supporters in the OpenRAW mailing list.

If you want to print a contact email address, please use this one: OR-WEB{AT}OpenRAW.org.

To contact all members of the OpenRAW Work Group at once, you need to join the OpenRAW mailing list.


A special thanks go to the initial members of the OpenRAW Working Group, who made this site possible:

More thanks to Bob Smith, Brock N. Meeks, Calvin Jones, Charles Bush, David Smith, David Cardinal, Eric Hyman, Erick S. Dyke, Gregory G. Harris, Iliah Borg, Jay Plett, Joop van Reeken, Joseph Grace, Josh Hawkins, Martin Prager, Michael Keller, Andrew Haley, Paul Ed, Peter Krogh, Peter Paine, Richard Anderson, Robert Edwards, Roger Loeb, Skip Higgins, Thomas Knoll, Uwe Steinmueller, Volker Gilbert, Rick Wallace, Warren Westura and Robyn Witschey and many more for their feedback and support in the OpenRAW mailing list. A very, very special thanks goes to Akirako Soshi for her patience and to Thomas O'Dowd for help with server issues.


This web site is not in any way associated with or financed by commercial companies.

The OpenRAW.org web site is hosted and maintained by:

Juergen Specht
Tokyo 165-0031

The authors in the Forum are responsible for their own comments and therefore neither the OpenRAW Working Group nor Juergen Specht can be held responsible for their comments. However, complaints will be taken seriously.

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