IF Raw shooter doesn't support Kodak, what can I do?

I just bought a Kodak P880 and I love it, but since I use Paint Shop Pro X and Corel Photo Album 6, I was hoping not to have to use the Easyshare software that came with the camera, especially since I had trouble downloading the latest version that supports kdc., Kodak's raw format file. Is there anything else I can do or try to convert my kdc. files, or should I try to work it out with the Easyshare? Thanks, Janice

bluegypsy – Thu, 2006/09/14 – 11:33am

P880 in RAW Mode: I recently

P880 in RAW Mode:
I recently started using the excellent P880 in RAW mode. I found PSP 10 and 9 don't open the KDC RAW files, in fact the thumbnails appear briefly in the browser and then disappear, one by one!

EasyShare (as of March 07) works well enough but (under Win 2000) insists on displaying the configuration screen every time it's started. It also seems too dependent on the network/sharing features being enabled. (Try 'Custom Install', deselect them).

I found IrfanView, XNView, and Picasa will display the files correctly. Picasa also allows some editing and tuning, and is fairly quick.


paulb – Fri, 2007/03/30 – 11:36pm