We need reliability & choice. Let your camera be your competitive advantage, not your formats

We need reliability in the images WE record...we need to be sure we can still access/read/convert/process/print these images 50 yrs later.

We need choice & a free market. I don't necessarily want to use the camera maker's RAW processing s.w...which may disappear someday anyhow, or stop being available on my operating system of choice, etc. They shouldn't close-off the free-market of processing s.w.

Camera-makers should compete on the merits of their hardware, not use file-formats to seek competitive advantage or monopolies.

jasond22 – Mon, 2007/04/02 – 10:49am

Bravo! -- http://www.openraw.


Juergen Specht – Tue, 2007/04/03 – 8:51am

Here here! On a similar

Here here!

On a similar note, hopefully, there will be less merging of companies and the emergence of new companies.

If my 7D could be updated to move away from the MRW raw format to the OpenRaw file format, that would simplify my workflow process imeasurably.

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Wing Tang Wong – Thu, 2007/04/26 – 3:31am