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They are for openly documented RAW file formats because...

Internet Archive
Internet Archive
Brewster Kahle, Director and Co-Founder, writes:
The Internet Archive supports open file formats to aid in long term preservation and accessibility. RAW formats are the right archival version of page images since they are the ones that come off the sensors, yet, we worry about their long term accessibility with their conforming to open standards. We hope OpenRAW helps move the vendors in this direction.
Deutsche Gesellschaft für Photographie (DGPh) - German Photographic Society
Deutsche Gesellschaft für Photographie (DGPh) - German Photographic Society
Michael Ebert, Board Member, writes:
The DGPH honors personalities for their merits in photography with a membership. Similar to its fellow organization, The Royal British Society, the approx. 1000 members are active in all sectors of the medium. The DGPH is a neutral forum with its members representing the cultural value of photography. As a board member of its largest sub-group, the images sector, I consider the transparency of the different raw standards to be a fundamental demand. If we aim to make use of the fascinating options given by digital photography, we also have to face the responsibility of preserving today the images of tomorrow.
National Association of Professional Photographers - Italy
National Association of Professional Photographers - Italy
Roberto Tomesani, General Manager, writes:
We are the national association of professional photographers of italy (TAU Visual).
We represent 1.800 professionals in the whole country, mainly in advertising, fashion and editorial photography. We definetely believe in the need of a common way to exchange and store digital images between professional users and photographers.
European Color Initiative (ECI)
European Color Initiative (ECI)
Dietmar Wueller, Chairman, writes:
For the last couple of years the ECI has supported manufacturer independent image workflows. Although the activities were focused on color all other aspects have also been adressed. We think that the activity to document the existing formats and even better to standardize a single RAW format is a good idea and needs support from whoever uses digital images.
Mike Biedermann, Webmaster, writes:
All photographers should have the same freedom of access to their raw photographs as they have to their similar photographic material. The raw files must belong solely to the photographer with no lien or encumbrance attached in any manner!
Juergen Specht – Thu, 2006/03/16 – 7:19pm