2006 RAW Survey Results released

On January 31, 2006, the Open RAW initiative launched an international survey on this Web site to collect information about the experiences, requirements, preferences, and concerns of digital photographers and other interested parties regarding RAW imaging technology and now we published the results in 5 chapters.

More than two-thirds of the 19,207 participants expressed concern that they won't be able to open or edit raw files created by older digital cameras. The most telling statistic is the 90% of respondents who agreed: 'Once a digital image is written to a file by a camera, data in all parts of the image file should belong to the photographer who captured the image. Camera makers should publish full and open descriptions of all parts of the raw image files their camera produce.'

The full reports are available at:


and the individual chapters are here:

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OpenRAW Team

Juergen Specht – Sat, 2006/04/29 – 8:45am